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The biggest issues law enforcement faced in 2020

CJEvolution podcast host Patrick Fitzgibbons joins the Policing Matters podcast to discuss critical issues in policing this year


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“A year like no other” could be the epitaph for 2020, along with words like unprecedented and unrelenting. In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, host Jim Dudley speaks with fellow podcaster Patrick Fitzgibbons, host of the CJ Evolution podcast. Critical issues up for debate include recruitment and retention, law enforcement mission creep, the decriminalization of drugs, officer wellness, and how police leaders can improve morale in the coming year.

Patrick Fitzgibbons is a retired police commander from Colorado with over two decades of experience in many different roles. He is also an adjunct college professor and enjoys teaching the next generation of criminal justice professionals. Patrick holds advanced degrees in Business and Organizational Leadership. A former Army Paratrooper with the elite 82nd Airborne Division, Patrick is an avid supporter of active military members and veterans. Patrick is a personal coach, speaker and is the host and creator of CJEvolution. Find Patrick at

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