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Trending Topics: When cops use apps to crack the case

By Police1 Staff

In our increasingly connected digital age, criminals are much more likely to leave a trail than ever before. For this week’s Trending Topics, we take a look at five stories that highlight how cops are finding new avenues – such as Spotify and Instagram – to crack their cases and make arrests.

Colo. cops used Spotify to find abducted kids in Mexico

Using a music streaming app, Colorado sheriffs were able to locate a woman who, with her husband, abducted her two daughters and fled to Mexico.

Maine police track suspect through Snapchat clues

Man who’d been wanted by police made a couple of critical mistakes that led to his capture — he sent out social media messages pinpointing his location.

Investigators nab iPad thieves when selfies appear on owner’s iCloud

The men appeared in the photos displaying money they are accused of taking from the victim.

Instagram becomes treasure trove of evidence for Fla. cops

Recent South Florida cases stemmed from photos or video posted on Instagram, the fast-growing social media site.

Snapchat video leads Texas cops to teen vandals

Police in Houston arrested two teens for damaging a home after linking them to video posted on the popular messaging app.