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Code 3 expands Matrix product line


ST. LOUIS – Code 3, the leader in emergency lighting and warning systems, is proud to introduce the latest additions to the Matrix® enabled product line: Thin WingMan™, Citadel™, Thin SuperVisor®, Switch Node and Splitter. The three powerful warning lights and auxiliary hardware complement the popular Z3S™ Siren as well as the time-tested 21 and 27 Series lightbars. As a package, this enhanced Matrix system of lights and siren provides increased automation, advanced LED technology and an intuitive software interface. Code 3 continues to keep officers safe by producing the most effective emergency warning solutions on the streets today.

The Thin SuperVisor delivers exceptional light output and features a more compact design than its predecessor. The new warning light hides behind the sun visor while allowing an unobstructed view for the officer. The durable gasket is engineered to reduce flash back. Offered in dual- and tri-color light heads, the SuperVisor can be configured to meet the needs of any fleet.

The upgraded Thin WingMan provides intense light output, which significantly improves visibility at the rear of the vehicle. The WingMan’s compact and curved design fits neatly on the deck, against the rear window. Dual- and tri-color LED light heads can be programmed from a long list of flash pattern options to offer your agency the best customized solution possible.

Similarly, the Citadel delivers a powerful warning solution for the back of the unit. This product is designed with Mega Thin™ light heads, which offer the industry’s best light output and visibility. The Citadel is designed to discretely mount below the spoilers of Ford PIU models, Chevy Tahoe, and Dodge Durango. Integrated ArrowStik™ provides directional warning for oncoming traffic. Both Citadel and Thin WingMan are engineered to shield the driver from distracting flash back. Stay focused on the road and the task at hand while providing ample warning to maintain public safety.

The sleek and heat-resistant Switch Node plays an important role in taking full control of the unit’s lighting and accessory needs. Connect analog, non-serialized warning lights to the siren’s controller with the Switch Node’s 16 outputs. Outputs can be combined to handle higher powered devices. It also features dimming functions for connected lights to prevent “dazzling” effects on scene and provide more discreet, low-light capabilities.

With the complete Matrix system, administrators and fleet managers can think strategically about emergency warning. Engaging the lights and siren has evolved beyond telling surrounding drivers to “clear the way.” Variations in luminosity, tone, color and flash pattern signal different messages and compel drivers to react in specific ways. Matrix turns the officer’s vehicle into an effective visual communicator. Explore your options and design the platform to meet the needs of the department and the communities you serve. Code 3 built it for you to own it.

About Code 3:

Code 3, Inc. develops, engineers and manufactures a complete line of vehicle lighting and emergency systems for first responders and public safety professionals. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Code 3 is a brand of ECCO Safety Group (ESG). ESG is a global leader in safety solutions and emergency systems.