Video: "SWAT Bot" defense system launched for SWAT units

By Police1 Staff

A first-of-its-kind mid-sized robot solely for SWAT units acts as a robotic ballistic shield, door breacher, and vehicle remover in situations where it’s unsafe for a person to do the same tasks.

Built by Howe and Howe Technologies in coordination with the Massachusetts State Police, the “Swat Bot” is created from a base platform, a collapsible ballistic shield, and a hardened AR400 steel nose shield to protect those in the line of fire.


When extended, the SWAT bot stands 80 inches high, 72 inches long, 97 inches wide, and weighs nearly 2300 pounds.

It can push up to 1270 pounds of debris on asphalt and can embed a tow chain into a vehicle and pull it out of the way with an integrated 5000 pound winch.

The SWAT bot goes for $30,000 plus another $65,000 for the base. 

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