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Listening to Live911 puts Ind. deputy in the right place to save a life

Video shows Noble County Deputy Jerry Weber en route to save a choking driver before the call was even dispatched


ABC 21 WPTA/YouTube

By Bill Carey

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. — Listening to Live911 while on patrol helped an Indiana deputy quickly respond and save the life of a motorist having trouble breathing.

While on patrol, Noble County Deputy Jerry Weber overheard dispatch talking to a caller on Live911 in regard to a motorist who was not far from his location and was possibly choking, the sheriff’s department posted on Facebook.

Another motorist had seen the driver in distress and can be heard talking to the dispatcher in the Live911 audio. “I’m turning around, it’s right here, it’s a black Acura,” the caller says as Deputy Weber arrives on the scene.

Dash cam video shows Weber getting out of his car and immediately performing the Heimlich maneuver on the choking driver.

After a few moments, the obstruction in the driver’s throat was dislodged and she was able to breathe on her own, WRTV reported.

“Job well done Jerry,” the sheriff’s department posted. “You are truly an asset to the department, and you make all of us very proud! Keep up the great work you do for the citizens of Noble County!”

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