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Axon acquires real-time crime center technology developer Fusus

Each company’s products work seamlessly together, Axon states; the two have been strategic partners since May 2022

Real-time crime center Axon

Real-time crime center


By Joanna Putman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Police technology supplier Axon has announced it has acquired Fusus, a real-time crime center (RTCC) developer, a news release states.

The two companies first formed a partnership in May 2022, according to the release. Axon has stated that the acquisition will push the company further into the retail, healthcare, private security and federal sectors.

“Throughout our long-standing partnership and investment with Fusus, we’ve witnessed the impact of collaboration in achieving remarkable results for law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve,” said Ran Mokady, Axon’s Senior Vice President of Real-Time Operations. “The Fusus team’s exceptional prowess will help us to unlock impactful real-time operations capabilities for public safety and businesses worldwide. This acquisition is a significant milestone in our mission to protect life as it further enables law enforcement and emergency teams to better deter and respond to escalating situations.”

Fusus technologies can aggregate live video, data and sensor feeds from a variety of different sources simultaneously, according to the release. Axon, which provides cameras and sensors to law enforcement agencies nationwide, states that adding the aggregation service to its product will be of great benefit to departments.

“Real-time crime centers serve as indispensable assets for agencies, offering unparalleled insight and actionable intelligence in one open and unified platform,” said Marshall Freeman, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the Atlanta Police Department. “Their simplicity and effectiveness make them a force multiplier for enhancing efficiency and safety. By swiftly implementing these advanced centers for real-time crime monitoring and response, agencies can catalyze positive change within their communities. I wholeheartedly encourage all agencies to embrace this cutting-edge technology and experience its transformative impact firsthand.”