Diamondback Tactical Announces Change Within Business

NORTH CAROLINA -- Diamondback Tactical announced today that it has restructured its business model from a distribution firm to a personal protective armor and equipment manufacturer. The transition comes after completing recent integration planning of Diamondback Tactical and the assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment, which was acquired in foreclosure in September 2010. This decision will allow Diamondback Tactical to strengthen its market position and direct focus on its core product competencies. As part of this change, Dale Taylor has been appointed President of Diamondback Tactical, LLLP.

Previously, Diamondback Tactical distributed nylon goods, as well as various non-manufactured law enforcement equipment. Under its new business model, Diamondback Tactical will exclude the distribution of non-manufactured law enforcement equipment and refocus its core product competencies on manufactured soft armor, hard armor and nylon tactical gear. All marketing and distribution channels will be updated to reflect the company’s revised portfolio of products.

“This is a positive move for the organization,” states newly appointed President Dale Taylor. “Diamondback Tactical combines the passion and commitment of superior product quality and advanced technological developments for the law enforcement, federal and military markets. More than ever, we aim to combine and bring our experience and innovation to the forefront, so that all of our customers may enjoy the distinction that is found and trusted in Diamondback Tactical branded products.”

Dale Taylor was appointed by the board as President of Diamondback Tactical on May 4, 2011. He brings more than 24 years of hands-on and strategic knowledge and experience to the business.

“There is no doubt that the appointment of Dale Taylor as President of Diamondback Tactical was the right choice,” stated William Sullivan, Chairman of the Board and Partner with Torch Hill Investment Partners. “His experience in the industry has already proven to be invaluable to the organization.”

About Diamondback Tactical, LLLP
Diamondback Tactical, LLLP is a world leader of technologically advanced armor protection systems, superior tactical gear and complimentary personal products for law enforcement and military worldwide. Diamondback Tactical, LLLP offers trusted, high-quality concealable and tactical equipment and services for an array of law enforcement, federal and military customers. Diamondback Tactical, LLLP is an ISO 9001:2008 and ANAB accredited certified company, and has pioneered the development of innovative NIJ Standard-0101.06 certified armor designs. For additional information visit www.diamondbacktactical.com.

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