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Why all cops need to know how to ‘stop the bleed’

Life-threatening hemorrhages are a huge threat to officers who have been injured in the line of duty

“This could be the difference between you going home and us playing Taps at your funeral.” — Dr. Alex Eastman

This episode of What’s New in Blue from the COPS Office reviews life-threatening hemorrhages, which are a huge threat to officers who have been injured in the line of duty and are a major concern to medical professionals who treat them.

Presenter Dr. Alex Eastman is a Dallas Police Department lieutenant, the lead medical officer for Dallas PD’s SWAT team and the deputy medical director of the department. Using his wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Eastman discusses how officers can “stop the bleed” in order to reduce the loss of life due to traumatic bleeding, not only for officers injured in the line of duty, but also civilians.

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