How to use 'Street Survival II' as a police survival tool

This book was written to inoculate the reader against the deadly cop killer known as complacency

This article is part of a series by Lt. Dan Marcou. Click here to access all of Dan's street survival lessons. Order "Street Survival II" here.

There is a seductive lure drawing every officer toward complacency. Let’s face it, complacency makes our law enforcement lives simpler. It is much easier to head toward alarms you know to be false, make traffic stops you know to be “routine” and arrest suspects you know to be compliant than it is to be prepared for the worst on every call and contact.

On the one hand, maintaining a tactical edge is hard work while on the other hand, being constantly complacent is true bliss…until it’s not!

Street Survival II Tactics for Deadly Force Encounters” was written not only to offer a variety of defensible survival tactics to help you survive your career, but it was also written to inoculate the reader against the deadly cop killer known as complacency. This book can save your life and here is how to use it.

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