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Westin Public Safety Division announces new product availability

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SAN DIMAS, Calif. — Westin Public Safety is proud to announce new product availability for the Ford F-150 Police Responder, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

Our comprehensive lineup of style choices include the Push Bumper EliteXD, Wing Wrap EliteXD, Defender Poly Rear Partition, Prisoner Seat and Door Cover Panels. New applications are available to order now. Westin Public Safety is your trusted partner, offering you the look, function and durability your vehicles need!

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About Westin Public Safety Division
Westin Public Safety is a division of Westin Automotive Products, Inc., San Dimas, CA, that specializes in protective, functional, active duty vehicle equipment for the public safety sector. We offer agency’s the best in vehicle front-end equipment proven to preserve vehicle integrity and outperform standards for rigorous tactical maneuver technique testing.