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Digital Edition: How to build a police fleet for 2020 & beyond

A free Police1 guide to police fleet vehicle design and procurement


The first police car in the United States took to the roads of Akron, Ohio, in 1899. The Akron Police Department’s electric-powered patrol wagon was equipped with lights, a stretcher and gongs. Its first call was to pick up a drunken man. Two decades later in the 1920s, police departments began outfitting vehicles with two-way radios and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today’s police vehicle – whether you call it a patrol car, squad car or cruiser – prioritizes officer safety both in vehicle performance and construction, as well as the mobile technology that is turning the average “black and white” into a mobile incident command vehicle.

Next to recruiting and training staff, maintaining a police fleet is one of the biggest challenges for a law enforcement agency. This digital edition, sponsored by Getac, reviews some of the considerations for an agency purchasing vehicles for 2020 and beyond, including:

  • How the array of technology in today’s police vehicles adds markedly to their utility and safety
  • How SUVs have proven capable of supporting a variety of police operational functions
  • The significant savings hybrid vehicles offer without sacrificing operational capability
  • Vehicle-related cybersecurity issues
  • Outside-the-box funding sources for new police fleets

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