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Ga. PD’s electric motorcycles offer quick patrol response in hard-to-reach places

The Duluth PD expanded their use of motorcycles from community policing to on- and off-road patrols

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Fox 5 Atlanta/YouTube

By Bill Carey

DULUTH, Ga. — The Duluth Police Department is increasing the use of their electric motorcycles by adding them to crime patrols.

The police department initially received the bikes for community policing but realized their patrol capabilities both on and off the road, Fox 5 reported.

“We can go to a lot of places you can’t get to in a car,” said officer Randy Samuel. The department has three Zero electric motorcycles. The bikes can go about 80 miles when fully charged.

Samuel is part of the Duluth Police Department’s bike community policing unit. He says the electric motorcycle gives him opportunities to get to know the people that he serves.

“The first thing a person asks is, ‘Where did you come from? I didn’t hear you coming,’” said Samuel. The primary responsibility is patrolling the parks. In addition to trails, Samuel can maneuver through crowds and traffic when responding to emergencies.

“Rush hour, I can take my bike on the sidewalk and get to where I want to go,” said Samuel.

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