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Mac’s Lift Gate Inc. and Braun Northwest Inc. Team Up to Bring You a Safer Way to Transport Prisoners

Long Beach, CA – Mac’s Lift Gate Inc. has announced the delivery of the first Mac’s Prisoner Transport Lift available for demo by Braun Northwest, Inc.Braun Northwest, Inc., Manufacturer of North Star Specialty Emergency Vehicles. They have seen the value in the lift and approached us with a demo vehicle and opportunity.

John McCroskey, Director of Law Enforcement Sales and retired Lewis County Sheriff has facilitated the demo and says there is a great need for the lift. Nobody wants to get injured or allow an opportunity for a prisoner to injure themselves or the officers overseeing them.

The Mac’s Prisoner Transport Lift is the first lift for Prisoner Transport to load high risk offenders. The lift takes any restraint chair, eliminating lifting by the officers and putting them at a safe distance from accident or harm. For shackled prisoners the folding step makes it easier to step into the vehicle. The Mac’s Prisoner Transport Lift promotes safety, preserves dignity and saves money and careers.

Don’t strain your back … Go see Mac!
This Mac’s Prisoner Transport Lift is available for order thru Braun Northwest, Inc.

About Mac’s Lift Gate Inc.
Mac’s Lift Gate Inc. was established in 1957 and has emerged as a recognized leader in quality, safety, and innovation in the commercial lift industry.

Mac’s Lift Gate Inc. has been designing and building custom hydraulic lifts for commercial use since 1957 and for ambulances since 1985. Mac’s Lift Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the Mac’s Ambulance Lift and Mac’s Bariatric Ambulance Lift. The technology of the Prisoner Transport Lift is based on the Mac’s Ambulance Lift and is almost identical in manufacturing and operation. All Mac’s Lifts are proudly made in the USA. For more information, visit, call (800) 795-MACS or email us at Our main sales office is located at 2801 E. South Street, Long Beach, CA 90805.

About Braun Northwest, Inc.
Braun Northwest, Inc. brings over 25 years of emergency vehicle expertise to building high performance prisoner transport vehicles that are safe and cost effective. Because our units are not modified stock vehicles, you can expect a higher level of performance and safety. Visit them at