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Axon to debut True to Life Taser VR controllers to enhance officer training at IACP 2023

The company is also introducing six new Simulator Training exercises, providing unlimited access to practice essential TASER 10 and TASER 7 skills


Currently, over 1,500 agencies across the globe utilize Axon VR to train their officers.


By Police1 Staff

Axon is introducing two product enhancements at IACP 2023:

  • The launch of True-to-life TASER 10 and TASER 7 VR controllers, enabling officers to build muscle memory and train to proficiency without extensive training time and live cartridge consumption.
  • Six new immersive TASER energy weapon skills exercises within Axon VR Simulator Training, immersing trainees in a virtual-range environment to enhance proficiency with TASER energy weapons.

These TASER VR controllers, developed in partnership with VR market leader HTC VIVE, offer a streamlined, immersive experience with enhanced tracking accuracy, thanks to state-of-the-art infrared tracking technology. This ensures a lifelike user experience in virtual reality, helping officers build muscle memory and minimize training scars.

Additionally, the new TASER energy weapon skills exercises in Axon VR Simulator Training immerse trainees in an open-range environment, refining techniques like target assessment, verbal commands, drawing, and targeting at varying distances. This practice enhances speed, accuracy, and confidence under stress, making Axon VR Simulator Training an efficient, cost-effective method for TASER energy weapon training.

Visit Axon at IACP in booths 2511 and 2619.