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New Orleans PD takes down recruitment ad an hour after it goes live

The 30-second ad was removed due to “negative commentary”



By Sarah Calams

NEW ORLEANS — On Wednesday, the New Orleans Police Department posted a 30-second recruitment ad to its social media accounts. An hour later, it was taken down due to “negative commentary.”

The recruitment ad, called “Everywhere Else is Cleveland,” riffing on a Tennessee Williams quote, cost the department over $27,000. The 30-second ad was created by a local filmmaker to feature “something progressive and awesome to get officers who would embrace our culture,” director Crista Rock told

The ad features Mardi Gras dancers and characters moving around a New Orleans officer. “The video was removed because we didn’t want anyone to be offended by the negative commentary,” PIO Reese Harper said.

NOPD officials told they’re unsure what their plan is moving forward with the ad.

“At the end of the day, I want nothing more than for all of us to feel safe and secure knowing we have officers on our streets that love us,” Rock said.