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A special response team is exposed to gases in training to prepare them for civil unrest response
The WalletHub report compares 40 of the largest U.S. cities to identify which cities are grappling with the most significant homicide rates
The truck failed to yield and struck Officer Russell Croxton’s marked patrol vehicle and another vehicle
A sniper from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office shot and killed the suspect when he continued to fire shots at law enforcement after shooting three officers
“Problem-based” training, real-time inspections and multiple audits have resulted in major improvements in traffic stop interactions, according to the NOPD’s presentation
Rodents have infested police headquarters, scattering feces across desks and feasting on narcotics in the department’s evidence room
The updated policy requires that officers obtain express approval from supervisors to maintain a pursuit, limits boxing in or ramming vehicles and prioritizes risk analysis training
While a deputy was searching a vehicle, the driver got into the car and drove off with the deputy still inside; after the man did not heed instructions to stop, the deputy shot him, causing the car to crash
“It’s great to see true teamwork with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department working to make the city of New Orleans safe,” Gov. Jeff Landry stated
Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspect obtained pepper spray; the deputy was in possession of her department-issued pepper spray, stun gun and service weapon after the escape
The inmate was being transported back to the correctional center when he created a disturbance in the back of a cruiser; when the deputy checked on him, he pepper sprayed the deputy
Bills introduced in the House and Senate would expand police officers’ immunity from civil liability and roll back prison system reforms enacted under previous Gov. John Bel Edwards’s administration
The order lifts limits on how many new employees Louisiana sheriffs can hire and on payroll increases for their departments
Lt. Brad Robin with the Lafayette Police Department said the agency currently has 60 sensors installed across one square mile in the city
The idea to add Patch to the force was inspired by Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick, a horse lover; Patch will help the horses working the Mardi Gras festival by relieving their anxiety and boredom
“Addressing public safety has to be a mix of both investment and enforcement,” said Clay Young, Chair of the Baton Rouge Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Foundation
“The [NOPD] is in shambles because of a federal consent decree ... We have to wrestle that away from them, and even if [the judge] gave it to us today, it would take a decade to build that police department back up,” Gov. Jeff Landry said
The majority of the funding from the $2.35 million deal will go toward personnel costs for deputies from 18 different agencies
Madalyn Jarreau was 5 years old when she went to a fallen officer’s funeral procession; she graduated from the academy 18 years later
The program is intended to highlight residents of all ages with conditions or disabilities that make it difficult or impossible for them to verbally communicate with first responders, like autism, Alzheimer’s or a traumatic brain injury
Researchers said the new tool, oral fluid testing, would be cheaper for law enforcement agencies, require less training and allow investigators to determine a driver’s impairment through minimally invasive methods
The department will have recruiting tables set up at each of the team’s three December home games
“I’m going to be steadfast in making sure our policies provide the safeguards to protect your privacy as well as mine,” Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick said. “As well as every member of this police department”
Jeff Landry, who is currently the Louisiana Attorney General, declined to go into detail about strategy, saying he will not “lay [his] plans out to the enemy”
Using technology and data from the Real Time Crime Center, BRPD implemented a patrol strategy in violence hot spots to reduce crime in the community
“This is about me serving you, so thank you,” Kirkpatrick said after taking the oath
Charges were dropped for Lt. John Clary, the third of five troopers involved in a 2019 incident, following two years of withheld body camera footage