Chicago cop quits job to help train fighters in Ukraine

"We can't sit idly and watch it happen," said Harrison Jozefowicz, an Army veteran

From freelancing to insurance, there are several factors that should impact go/no-go deployment decisions. In this article, Lexipol Editorial Director Greg Friese outlines what first responders should consider before going to Ukraine

By Suzie Ziegler 

CHICAGO — Until a few days ago, Harrison Jozefowicz, 25, was a Chicago police officer. Now, he’s fighting for Ukraine. 

Jozefowicz, an Army veteran, said he quit his CPD job and got on a plane because it was “the right thing to do.” 

“We are fighting to make sure that the refugee crisis is nothing that we saw in Afghanistan,” Jozefowicz said in an interview with ABC News. “We can't sit idly and watch it happen.” 

The former police officer says he plans to stay in Ukraine so long as he can support his wife back home, according to the report. Currently, Jozefowicz is training volunteer fighters in western Ukraine, WGN News reported. He’s also helping Ukrainian families to safety and supporting other civilians. 

When asked if he plans to join the fight himself, Jozefowicz said, “Me, personally? Yeah, if it's needed. I'll be in the fight." 

The U.S. State Department is warning Americans not to travel to Ukraine, according to the report. President Joe Biden has said that no American troops will be joining the war.

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