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Las Vegas PD warns drivers to follow the law in ‘Star Wars’ PSA

The video shows an officer issuing a ticket to a Wookie for speeding in an unregistered vehicle

By Police1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — A popular “Star Wars” character made his way into the Las Vegas Police Department’s jurisdiction. But the law applies to everyone - even a Wookie.

In a PSA released by the department, Metropolitan Police Officer Larry Hadfield issues a ticket to a Wookie for speeding in an unregistered vehicle inside a school zone.

The department said officers are always looking out for distracted drivers and other violators, and to slow down to avoid hurting others.

“The FORCE is everywhere,” the department wrote. “Please keep your landspeeders under the posted limits. LVMPD is always looking out for speeders, distracted drivers, and other violators. Don’t go rogue, and endanger others!”

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