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NYPD adds ‘robocop’ to battle transit crime

The robot, which is leased to the NYPD, will be accompanied by uniformed officers who are trained on how to use K5


NYPD Chief of Transit

By Police1 Staff

NEW YORK — The latest addition to the NYPD’s ranks weighs more than 400 pounds and earns a wage of $9 an hour.

The new member, a robot referred to as Knightscope K5 Security Robot, is being leased to the city to patrol the Times Square Subway Station, New York City officials announced on Friday.

The robot is part of a pilot program that will run for two months, NYPD said. During the pilot, there will be a uniformed officer accompanying the robot.

The 420-pound robot will be leased at $9 an hour, Mayor Eric Adams said during the news conference.

Adams said K5 will patrol between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. The robot will record surveillance video but not audio.

If someone has a question or concern while in the station, the robot has a button that connects to a live person. That feature is available 24/7, Adams said.

Once the pilot program is completed, officials will review to see how effective the robot was, and the city will determine the next steps.