Small NC town disbands police department to save money

Some council members expressed dismay and concern over the decision

By Suzie Ziegler 

HERTFORD, N.C. — A North Carolina community of just over 2,000 people no longer has a police department; it’s the latest casualty of small-town purses. 

According to WAVY news, the Hertford Police Department was disbanded last month as a way to save money. The county sheriff’s office will now be covering Hertford’s streets. 

Residents and town officials expressed dismay over the decision. 

“I feel like more police, the better, because every sheriff can’t get to each case,” said resident Linda Hall in an interview with WAVY. 

“It is somber,” added Councilman Quentin Jackson. 

Earlier this year the town council voted to dissolve the police department. The mayor said it would save the community more than $300,000 a year, according to WAVY. But not all council members were on board. 

“How is it a money issue when our fund balance has been amongst the highest in North Carolina?” Jackson asked. 

According to WAVY, some council members are concerned about what would happen if a deputy is involved in a critical incident.  

Perquimans County Sheriff Shelby White said four deputies will always be assigned to the town. 

“We are going to be answering calls and do the best we can for the community and provide for the community,” White said. 

White tells WAVY that he plans to work with council members and hire more deputies to make sure the town is covered. 

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