SHOT Show 2016: 2 big names join Sig Sauer's training and shooting teams

The people behind the guns coming from the company just got even better

During SHOT Show every year, spending some time at the Clark County Shooting Complex for Sig Sauer’s annual range day event is a must. In addition to shooting all kinds of new and familiar Sig firearms — everything from the tried and true P226, P229, and P320 pistols to the MCX rifle and MPX subgun —we always look forward to the demonstration by championship shooter and Sig Sauer Shooting Team Captain Max Michel.

His expertise and shooting skills are phenomenal, and Michel presents training ideas which even a mediocre shooter (read: yours truly) can take home and implement in a meaningful way right away. Michel delivered (as he always does) some great tips (which I will write up at a later date) and showed some of the amazing capabilities he has as a shooter. Then, he handed the microphone to a Sig Sauer company executive, who proceeded to drop two pretty major bombshells.

First, in what stunned some in attendance, it was revealed that championship 3-gun shooter Lena Miculek will be joining Michel’s team. Shooting sports enthusiasts will recall that Miculek is the daughter of shooting legend Jerry Miculek, and she had previously been on team Smith & Wesson with him.

Miculek jested during her brief comments that the move to Sig Sauer was not an easy one, and that she “will probably be the black sheep of the family now” but she appeared extremely happy to have joined Michel and the other great competitive shooters on team Sig Sauer.

The second announcement was just as big a splash, and has a much more direct effect on interested law enforcement professionals. Joining the Sig Sauer Academy team will be none other than Kyle Lamb, who spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, more than 15 years of which were with the U.S. Army Special Operations. Lamb is the author of numerous books and he is deeply committed to helping the men and women of our military and police be successful and “stay in the fight.”

Many police officers have trained with Lamb and his cadre at Viking Tactics, and have benefitted from the design assistance he has provided several tactical equipment manufacturers. His addition to the training team at Sig Sauer bodes well for even more of those benefits in the future.

As Max Michel is known to say, shooting at a high level is all about what’s behind the gun, and with the additions of Miculek and Lamb to an already outstanding Sig Sauer team, the people behind the guns coming from the company just got even better. 

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