SHOT Show 2016: SPOT releases low-profile device for asset tracking

The SPOT Trace can be placed on a vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, or other precious cargo

SPOT came out years ago with the personal satellite messenger which combined GPS with the ability to send out a preprogrammed SMS or email message to friends and family along with your location on Google Maps.

Their asset tracker, the SPOT Trace, is a very small and inconspicuous device that you can place on a vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, or other precious cargo. If the item starts to move, the unit comes on and sends a signal that something is amiss and then continuously tracks the asset. I can think of numerous uses for this handy device in addition to the regular SPOT units which I have been using for a number of years. Subscription is $99 a year for the tracking service. For more information, visit SPOT's website.

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