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Video: Batman’s police ridealong ends badly

Batman joins a Fort Worth officer on patrol – and he’s kind of a jerk

By Police1 Staff

FORT WORTH, Texas — A hilarious new recruitment video captures the escalating tension between a cop and his ridealong, the one-and-only Batman.

The humorous exchange between the officer and the caped crusader was posted to the Fort Worth Police Department’s Facebook page on Thursday. In the video, the Dark Knight one-ups the officer at every opportunity — criticizing the officer’s cruiser, how he receives calls, and even what he’s eating for lunch.

“Why does your car suck? My car is cool. What is this, a V6? My car has a jet engine,” Batman tells the officer in the video.

The clip is intended to get the word out on the department’s Lateral Entry Program. It’s already garnered over 20,000 views as of this posting.