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Key considerations for police departments when outfitting mobile surveillance systems
Approach planning as if you were the criminal element
Ambush attacks on police officers do not discriminate in gender, assignment or age, and they affect all category of assignment
Lt. Brad Robin with the Lafayette Police Department said the agency currently has 60 sensors installed across one square mile in the city
In an analysis of automated license plate readers, researchers revealed that the tech helps solve more than 700,000 crimes each year — or 10% of reported crime nationwide
Enhancing law enforcement capabilities through technology
Previously, law enforcement agencies were able to send Ring owners who lived near an area of an active investigation private emails requesting video footage
“It not only enables us to catch people, but it keeps our officers safe day in and day out,” Police Chief Harold Medina said
The new version brings map enhancement features, authentication improvements and new automation features
The chief credits his detectives’ tenacity to solve crime, as well as technology the department is utilizing