Good Samaritan helps LAPD end pursuit by using pickup truck to pin suspect's vehicle

Shortly after the suspect’s car was pinned by the pickup truck, he began to surrender but got stuck while climbing out of the window

By Sarah Roebuck

LOS ANGELES — A pursuit of a robbery suspect came to an end with the help of a good Samaritan and his pickup truck.  

On Thursday, LAPD officers were pursuing the suspect for more than an hour on multiple freeways, KABC reports.  

At one point, the suspect exited the freeway and started driving on a busy street. Due to congested traffic, the suspect attempted to bypass by driving on the sidewalk but was unable to pass through.  

The suspect then tried to drive between vehicles, but a gray pickup truck drove in front of him and pinned the suspect's vehicle. Because there was a lot of traffic, the suspect was unable to drive his Mercedes past the pickup.  

The driver was ordered by police to exit his vehicle.  

Shortly after, the suspect began to surrender. As he was climbing out of his vehicle, he got stuck and was hanging halfway out of the vehicle's window for a few minutes, helicopter video from the scene shows.   

The suspect eventually tumbled onto the road and was taken into custody. 


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