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Video: Teens crash stolen car in TikTok challenge, take off running on highway

The incident follows of a rash of Kia thefts after a viral TikTok video shows watchers how to steal the cars by using a USB cable



By Sarah Calams

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Traffic cameras caught the moment four teenagers crashed a stolen vehicle into a median in an attempt to avoid police stop sticks. The video turns dramatic when the teens jump out of the vehicle and run across the highway – all while dodging traffic to flee to the other side of the road.

But they didn’t get far. Troopers were waiting for the teens – ages 14-17 – on the other side of the road and arrested all four. Now, police are saying the teens stole the vehicle in response to a viral TikTok video from the “Kia Boys,” which shows watchers how to steal Kia vehicles by using a USB cable.

The incident began when a rental car company contacted police about a 2021 Kia Forte that had been stolen in Minneapolis, reported. Police requested assistance from a state patrol helicopter, which located the car in order for patrol cars to converge on the vehicle. At first, the officers did not pursue the teens’ vehicle since it was going through a neighborhood. However, they later caught up with it the moment they got onto the highway.

The teens eventually crashed, jumped out of the smoking car and were later arrested.