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Watch: Suspect bails out of stolen truck, tries to flee LAPD officers on skateboard

Suspect jumps out of the truck with skateboard in hand and begins leading officers on a short pursuit

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By Bill Carey

LOS ANGELES — LAPD officers had a unique end to the pursuit of a stolen vehicle that they can add to their list of bizarre pursuits.

Recently released video shows officers pulling over a stolen pickup truck and trailer on February 13, KABC reported.

The driver led officers on a brief pursuit and struck one vehicle before losing control and spinning out.

As officers approached the truck, the suspect hopped out and jumped onto a skateboard. He was wearing a reflective vest that made him easy to see in the early-morning darkness. Six officers took off after him on foot.

Other officers were already positioned down the street ahead of the skateboarding suspect. As he passed by, one officer pushed him off the board and others subdued him.