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A report on the LAPD’s response to mass demonstrations in summer 2020 reveals how acts of violence against police and citizens, extensive property damage and looting caught police off guard
Jim and Doug sit down with author Alex Gerould to discuss how “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” came to be and what lessons it offers for readers
From intern to chief, Scott Edson continually evolved with the demands of the law enforcement profession and helped advance LASD’s mission
Officers at the scene said they believed the man was holding a knife or screwdriver; an officer shot the man when he continued to approach officers after being hit with less lethal weapons
Chief Michel Moore and an internal LAPD review board found the officer, Oswaldo Pedemonte, had broken from policy when he drove into the knife-wielding suspect at a slow speed
Dr. Kenji Inaba’s training helps officers on the field treat gunshot wounds and other injuries; officers in the metropolitan division undergo medical training drills every four weeks
Crimes at the site have prompted a 24-hour guard by officers working overtime; 18 arrests have been made at the site since Feb. 1
The LAPD has stated that sideshows are growing increasingly violent; officers who respond often have rocks thrown at them or laser pointers shone in their eyes
Assistant Chief Dominic H. Choi will not be allowed to apply for the permanent chief position; Choi stated his goal is to manage a smooth transition for the department
A police helicopter crew spotted more than a dozen people trespassing and possibly spray-painting the building
Chief Michel Moore credited the decreases to better coordination with law enforcement partners to address trends such as retail theft and follow-home robberies