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Foot Pursuit

Retired Lt. Dan Marcou was sitting at a picnic table eating a chili dog with his grandkids when a lone officer started pursuing a suspect on foot; the officer radioed for assistance, but Marcou ran to help
‘I got lucky that day that he decided to toss the gun instead of lying in wait with the gun drawn on me as I stepped through the gate.’
If you can’t catch the suspect with a quick dash that lasts no more than about 20 seconds, ease off and pace yourself
Officer Brett Boller survived the shooting and the suspect was arrested and charged with attempted murder
Louisville Metro PD Assistant Chief Paul Humphrey defended the officer’s split-second decision
Police on foot, in cruisers and riding on the back of a civilian’s pickup truck were able to apprehend the man
“The reality is that all force, all violence is ugly. But just because force is ugly does not mean it is unlawful or contrary to (agency) policy,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said
The suspect allegedly stole a utility vehicle, led police on a slow-speed pursuit and eventually ran across nine lanes of traffic on a busy freeway
When the suspect attacked the officer, the officer’s firearm had been dislodged from its holster, leading to a struggle between the officer and the suspect over the handgun
“From our estimation, had [the suspect’s] bullet struck just a few inches away, it could easily have gravely wounded, or even killed, the officer,” police said
The pursuit, which lasted for 10 miles, reached speeds of about 19 miles per hour; the man attempted to flee on foot while carrying the dog but was apprehended in a parking lot