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Video: Fla. deputies use TASER to stop in-progress carjacking, crime spree

There were no injuries reported


Suspect Anthony Gunther, 34, apprehended after a crime spree in Volusia County, Florida

Photo/ Police Activity via YouTube

By Police1 Staff

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Video captured Florida officers using a TASER to stop a suspect’s crime spree.

Volusia County sheriff’s deputies responded to multiple calls involving the suspect, 34-year-old Anthony Gunther, on Jan. 7, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Officers first responded when Gunther was caught attempting to break into a vehicle. The victim spotted Gunther in the act and fired a gunshot to scare him off. The suspect then fled in a red sports car.

A few minutes later, police responded to a call about another car break-in progress. the suspect fled that scene in a red SUV.

A few minutes after that, police responded to a call about a stolen, white Jaguar. The suspect’s description was similar to the initial car break-in call. The suspect abandoned the red SUV and stole the Jaguar.

The Jaguar was spotted by a VCSO helicopter. Twice, officers were successful in deploying stop sticks on the stolen car, but the suspect kept driving until he bailed out of the car near an intersection.

Gunther tried to carjack a black Ford F-150, but police closed in on him, stopping the carkacking by deploying a TASER. Gunther was then taken into custody.

There were no injuries reported.

Shortly after the suspect’s car was pinned by the pickup truck, he began to surrender but got stuck while climbing out of the window
During the last time the vehicle showed up near the officers’ location, the driver attempted to flee by driving in reverse, hitting another cruiser with his vehicle
Four bystanders jumped in to help the officer get the suspect handcuffed until Rostraver police arrived to help
Sheriff Robert Luna’s request, which was opposed by the ACLU, includes plans to purchase a jail management system and new TASERs for deputies on patrol