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Trailer: New Apple podcast series explores 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Apple TV+ unveiled the trailer for “Operation: Tradebom,” the nine-part series that details the initial arrival of terrorism to America

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Photo/Apple TV+

By Ashley Silver

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Apple TV+ unveiled the highly anticipated trailer for “Operation: Tradebom,” the nine-part podcast series hosted by Marc Smerling, Academy Award nominee and Emmy-winning producer, director and screenwriter, which details the initial arrival of terrorism to America through various firsthand interviews.

According to a press release, the first two episodes of the series will debut on January 9. The podcast will shed light on Operation Tradebom – created by investigators in New York’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a ragtag team of FBI paper pushers and NYPD detectives after a 1993 terror attack.

Eight years prior to 9/11, a group of men set off a bomb in the garage beneath the World Trade Center intending for the North tower to fall into the South tower. At the time, it was the largest improvised explosive device ever detonated in America, leaving behind a 100-foot crater, killing six people and injuring thousands. The podcast dives into the weeds of the operation and uncovers the connection between this occurrence and the Sept. 11 attacks, effectually illustrating a subtle buildup to the 9/11 attacks and the wars that would follow.

Listeners can access the podcast here. New podcast episodes will be released weekly beginning January 9.