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Calif. street takeovers continue despite deterrents in place

The installation of “Botts’ Dotts” cost the city $4,000

By Amanda Spence

COMPTON, Calif. — Compton’s recent installation of “Botts’ Dots” – or small bumps in the roadways used to deter tires from being able to spin out and do donuts – aren’t getting the job done when it comes to deterring street takeovers like officials first hoped.

In August, the city installed Botts’ Dots at the intersections of Santa Fe Avenue and Compton Boulevard, as well as Wilmington Avenue and Caldwell Street, ABC 7 reported. However, video footage from August 21 showed cars doing stunts and donuts in the street as onlookers watched on the sidelines. In addition, other video showed street racers taking over another intersection for more than an hour.

According to KTLA, the installation cost the city $4,000.

“I suppose they had to test what we’ve done,” Compton’s mayor, Emma Sharif, said to KTLA. “If there are small corrections that need to be made, we’ll make (them). This is a pilot program and we’re going to continue to work to address this issue in our community.”

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