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Trending Topics: When a suspect’s deadly weapon is on four wheels

By Police1 Staff

A number of harrowing incidents this month involving suspects attacking police officers with vehicles prompted us to revisit this troubling trend. What steps can officers take to best handle these incidents? Take a look at these five videos and share your thoughts below.

Okla. officer opens fire as vehicle rams into him

Officer was taken to the hospital with minor, non-life threatening injuries.

Armed suspect injures 3 Ga. cops with car, wrecks, gets shot

Video shows on officer shoot the suspect four times while another officer is stuck inside the vehicle.

Mich. woman slams officer with car

Suspect fired her car in reverse, resulting in her open door striking the officer and slamming him into his own car.

SC teen attempts to run over officer, is fatally shot

The officer was forced to decide in less than three seconds whether to fire his gun.

NC woman drives in circles, rams into cruiser, crashes down hill

The woman crashed into a police cruiser during a bizarre incident captured on witness video.