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Video cameras

Compared to other nations, the U.S. is a far more dangerous place for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
The company aims to provide an easier, more streamlined user experience
Find out more about audio and video redaction best practices, as well as the value of procuring a video redaction service provider
Acquisition builds on existing partnership, combining Fusus’ real-time situational awareness expertise with Axon’s innovative public safety technology for enhanced safety in any environment
Gardone Val Trompia modernizes video surveillance in city’s Mella Park
The MTA received $5.5M in funding to purchase and install the cameras, with about 200 cameras set to be installed each month until 2025
Processing speed and the quality and functionality of infrared and color cameras can make the difference between a suspect caught and one who slips by
This lightweight camera system lets you see and hear what your K-9 does – in real time – for greater situational awareness and to capture high-definition evidence
This hungry criminal didn’t seem to be in any rush; he spent two hours inside the shop and even took time to bake his own pie
Federal prosecutors released photos and videos of the men accused in the plot firing weapons, threatening to kill LEOs and testing a TASER
A bystander’s cellphone video captured part of the encounter, during which a deputy is heard yelling, “he’s got my gun”