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Video Capture

Find out more about audio and video redaction best practices, as well as the value of procuring a video redaction service provider
Processing speed and the quality and functionality of infrared and color cameras can make the difference between a suspect caught and one who slips by
Today’s law enforcement in-car video systems interconnect devices officer-worn and in-vehicle devices for safe storage and convenient access
The law would have made it illegal to knowingly film police officers 8 feet or closer if the officer tells the person to stop
“I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding,” said delivery man Tyler Morrell after helping officers catch a suspect
Video shows the officer’s knee on the detainee’s neck for about 13 seconds before the other officer pulls him away
The officer, who has been with the agency for more than a year, was immediately suspended
Check out these miraculous - and candid - dash cam videos of LEOs selflessly performing heroic acts.
Reveal Media builds on years of experience serving police worldwide with added features that support transparency, de-escalation and officer safety
Get insider tips from Boulder County on how to plan a BWC program to make sure you don’t miss a step
Video redaction involves multiple technologies and techniques while saving departments time