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Video in Law Enforcement

Video is both a critical tool and occasionally a dirty word within law enforcement (with that specific word being “YouTube”). But increasingly, officers and agencies are using video technology to improve situational awareness and save time.

Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Is anyone calling for the development of forensic expertise to analyze video and determine manipulation has taken place?
Many police departments currently have the capability to use body-worn camera footage to improve training protocol. If the advancements don’t require futuristic tech, what is available, and how can we deploy the fundamental changes?
The integration enables multi-location retail and restaurant chains to combine advanced monitoring capabilities with a powerful cloud-based video surveillance and analytics solution
Using everything from sophisticated TelePresence solutions to simple online meetings, police can achieve improved effectiveness and arrest rates
Unlike analog recordings, digital recordings usually contain information called metadata — “data about data” — that further describes the nature of the primary record
Streaming video makes incident management much more manageable
Law enforcement’s challenge with the proliferation of potential video evidence is in obtaining and preserving the images captured for future evidentiary value