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Video Redaction

Is your PD thinking about starting a redaction program or making your current system better? Read these key takeaways to ensure you’re on the right path
This next-gen bodycam helps keep officers safe by recognizing common phrases and automatically activating to capture footage
Veritone’s AI-powered video redaction service provided by industry professionals accelerates redaction securely while freeing your staff to focus on core duties
AI functionalities include AI Video Redaction, Automated Transcription of Voice-Captured Video, AI-Assisted Contextual Content Search, and AI Video Content Review
Artificial intelligence is making it more efficient for agencies to comply with public information requests while providing greater public trust and transparency
Find out more about audio and video redaction best practices, as well as the value of procuring a video redaction service provider
Take advantage of new technologies to help investigators tackle video evidence and analyze statements faster
Get insider tips from Boulder County on how to plan a BWC program to make sure you don’t miss a step
Outsource the redaction of BWC video for fast, thorough and secure processing
Here are 10 of the biggest technological considerations you should understand