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Top 10 police acts of kindness caught on video in 2017

What can sometimes get lost in the countless moments of bravery are the numerous small acts of kindness cops do every day


This article is part of our 2017 Year in Review special coverage. Take a look back at some of this year’s most heroic saves and other impactful moments in policing with features from our expert columnists and multimedia lists of the year’s top moments, here.


By Police1 Staff

Police officers have a complex and often unappreciated job. In the modern age of social media, it seems much of the attention focused on LE is negative. But there are countless acts of bravery and kindness that fly under the radar and serve as a reminder that officers are often unsung heroes. We believe these moments aren’t getting the attention they deserve, which is why we collected our top 10 favorite police acts of kindness caught on video in 2017. Check out our list and comment below with some of your favorite acts of kindness from the year.

And for even more acts of kindness, be sure to check out our ongoing Quiet Warrior program, which highlights the professionalism, compassion, heroism and humility that drive law enforcement professionals to go above and beyond the call of duty for their communities every day.

10. Cops respond to complaint about slip-and-slide, join in on fun

A resident in a North Carolina neighborhood called police and complained about a giant slip-and-slide blocking the road. But when the officers determined the slide wasn’t an issue, instead of shutting down the party, they joined in.

9. Calif. officer gifts boy Batman costume for Halloween

A San Francisco officer learned that a young boy didn’t have a costume to wear on Halloween. So, the officer decided to show up at his home with a big surprise.

8. Texas police help woman announce pregnancy to her husband

Wayne Blackmore saw police lights and just knew that he was getting pulled over. But instead of getting a traffic ticket, he received some life-changing news.

7. Ohio cops throw surprise birthday party for boy with apraxia

Brett Holbrook’s admiration for law enforcement began when his father was pulled over by a trooper. He was so impressed with the trooper’s professionalism that his mother made him his own uniform. When the Ohio State Highway Patrol learned about Brett’s love of LE and his motor speech disorder, they took him on a summer tour of patrol posts across the state.

6. Girl asks cop to search new home for monsters

When 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch moved into her new home, she began hearing strange sounds and was afraid that monsters were in her home. So when she met Officer David Bonday at a fundraiser, she asked him if he would help her check for monsters. Though Officer Bonday had no prior monster hunting experience, he promised he would come by and make sure she was safe.

5. Daughter of fallen Ind. cop surprised by police during prom photos

Sierra Bradway and her prom date went to the gravesite of her father, Officer Rod Bradway, who was killed in an ambush in September 2013. Sierra was expecting to meet a photographer there for prom photos, but upon arrival, she was greeted by a number of officers from different agencies who wanted to show their support.

4. Fla. officer saves fallen flag from middle of road after Irma

It’s easy to forget about the little things in the midst of a hurricane. But when Officer Joseph Schiavo saw a fallen American flag on the ground, he thought it would be a “disgrace” to let it stay there.

3. NYPD escorts fallen LEO’s son to first day of kindergarten

A police escort may have not been on 5-year-old Austin Tuozzolo’s school supply list, but he had one available to him on his first day of kindergarten. Austin’s father, NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo, was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call. So to make sure Austin didn’t feel alone, the NYPD decided to make his first day of school a memorable one.

2. African-American parole officer forms unlikely friendship with former neo-Nazi

Some people prove they can change for the better. Michael Kent’s walls in his home used to be covered with Nazi flags, and he had Nazi tattoos on his body. He also refused to work for anyone who wasn’t white. But when he was assigned to an African-American parole officer named Tiffany Whittier, his outlook on life began to change.

1. NM officer adopts homeless mom’s opioid-addicted newborn

When Officer Ryan Holets responded to a theft report, he figured it was going to be a routine assignment. After arriving at the scene, he came across a homeless man and woman shooting up heroin. When Holets spoke to the woman, she admitted she was eight-months pregnant and told him she desperately wanted someone to adopt her baby. In that moment, the officer’s life changed forever.