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2018 guide to drones in law enforcement

In the same way body cameras have been a game-changer for law enforcement operations, UAVs will revolutionize many aspects of police work. According to an April 2017 report from the Bard Institute, at least 347 state and local police, sheriff, fire and EMS departments in the U.S. have acquired UAVs, with local law enforcement leading public safety drone acquisitions.

This special coverage series takes an in-depth look at considerations for police departments looking to implement a UAS program, case studies of UAS in action, how to handle community concerns and much more.

Witness first-hand how public safety operations are enhanced by the use of drones in multiple types of missions
Find out how autonomous drones equipped with new 3D scanning technology enable public safety agencies to capture and visualize data and evidence faster and more reliably than ever before, all with minimal training
Police agencies are quickly seeing the aerial surveillance advantages drones offer during many different LE ops
The instantaneous air support offered by drones proved indispensable to the Daytona Beach Police Department during the response to Hurricane Irma
The Tukwila Police Department’s UAS program proved its worth during the first month of operations
Helping your community understand how unmanned aerial systems can improve public safety is key to overcoming public resistance
While drone technology can provide immeasurable benefits, it has the potential to drive a wedge between police and the community
Now that there is a little deeper understanding of the legal parameters, police agencies are beginning to adopt the technology
We asked our readers how their police agencies were using (or planning to use) drones and some of the challenges they’ve faced along the way
A UAS can be a powerful force multiplier for public safety agencies that is a safe, efficient and effective way to increase mission capabilities
Determining which regulatory option is best for your agency and, more importantly, the type of operation, can be challenging
From accident reconstruction to search and rescue, drones are a game-changer for law enforcement operations