First on scene: A cop's lessons learned from the San Bernardino attack

The first officer on scene at the San Bernardino attack shares his hard-earned lessons from that horrific day

Lieutenant Mike Madden oversees records, dispatch and the FTO Program for the San Bernardino Police Department but he still chooses to wear his police uniform every day, even though his job doesn’t require it. When the shots fired call came in around the Inland Regional Center it wasn’t unusual – frequently people would use an isolated area close by to do a little illegal target practice.

But on December 2, 2015, it was two ISIS-inspired terrorists coldbloodedly murdering 14 and wounding 22 innocent Christmas party guests. 

Madden was the first officer on scene and at a recent “Topics in EMS Time Critical Calls” seminar in Minnesota, he shared publicly for the first time his hard-earned recommendations from that horrific day.

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