Street Survival: How to stop the active shooter

Active shooters go through many stages of preparation that afford the opportunity for their plans to be thwarted by both law enforcement and the community

This article is part of a series by Lt. Dan Marcou. Click here to access all of Dan's street survival lessons.

In recognition of the release of “Street Survival II: Tactics for Deadly Encounters,” I am writing a series of articles on street survival designed to turn the tables on the current generation of cop-killing criminals. In this series I will share the tactics I acquired during a career dedicated not only to ensuring my own personal survival, but assisting other officers in their quest to survive as well.

A recent epidemic of active shooter events has brought to the forefront the need not only for police officers but also mental health professionals, judges, schoolteachers, gun dealers, attorneys and citizens to be aware of the critical role they can play in preventing such events. I am convinced most are preventable.

I also believe casualties can be minimized if one person effectively intervenes immediately the moment the killing commences. I trained many officers to prepare for their moment when to save lives they may have to risk their own life by “riding to the sound of the guns.”

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