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Phoenix Police release video of ambush before 9 officers wounded

The video shows the gunman luring the officer toward the door of a home where a woman reportedly had been shot

phoenix police shooting 9 officers wounded

Phoenix Police Department via AP

Associated Press

PHOENIX — Phoenix police on Thursday released 26 seconds of body camera footage of last week’s ambush and barricade situation that left five patrol officers shot and four others injured by shrapnel or ricochets.

The brief but graphic footage showed a police officer walking toward the front door of a home where a woman reportedly had been shot around 2 a.m. last Friday. The woman later died.

Police were responding to a 911 call about the shooting.

“Come on. Come on. She’s choking on her own blood,” a man said from the door’s archway. His face is blurred out in the footage.

As the 23-year-old officer moved closer, he asked the shirtless man near the door who else was in the house.

“Just me,” said the man, who then raised a handgun and fired at least six shots at the policeman, who was severely wounded on his right arm and couldn’t return fire.

The officer ran away frantically, saying “99! 999! I’ve been shot! 999!” as more gunshots rang out.

Shatifa Lobley, 29, of Phoenix, was shot inside the home in a domestic dispute, authorities said. Investigators believe the shooter was her ex-boyfriend, Morris Richard Jones III, 36.

Lobley died after being taken to a hospital, police said.

The rest of the body-cam footage may be released by next Friday, according to police.

During the standoff, Lobley’s brother came out of the house with a baby and put the child on the porch in a carrier, then walked to police.

But when officers moved in to get the 1-month-old girl, police said Jones opened fire again.

Jones was later found dead in the home. He died by suicide, authorities said.

The child of Lobley and Jones was unharmed.

All nine of the police officers injured have been released from the hospital.

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