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Ill. man shoots himself in penis while robbing hot dog stand

The suspect attempted to flee, but the pain from the gunshot wound was too severe for him to continue running

By Police1 Staff

CHICAGO — A man is in the hospital after he reportedly shot himself in the penis while robbing a hot dog stand in Chicago Tuesday.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that police found Terrion Pouncy, 19, slumped over the steps of a home across the street from the restaurant he allegedly held up at gunpoint. The pain from the wound was too severe for Pouncey to continue running further.

Pouncy walked into the store and held a gun to an employee’s head demanding cash. When another worker handed the suspect the cash, a bucket of grease tipped over and caused the bills to scatter in the air.

The suspect collected the money and headed toward the exit. As the suspect began to flee, he shifted the gun on his waistband and apparently pulled the trigger, shooting himself.

Police were able to use surveillance cameras to identify Pouncy. His blood-stained boxers matched the ones seen in the footage.

Pouncy faces two counts of armed robbery.