Ghost tours offered at abandoned Detroit police station

The property's current owner has catalogued the building's grisly history, making it a ghost hunter's dream come true

By Jeremy Marble

DETROIT — Ever want to participate in a paranormal investigation? Now’s your chance. Tours are being offered of the former Detroit Police Department’s 6th Precinct station where you can learn about Detroit’s history and participate in ghost paranormal investigations with professional ghost hunters.

The former Detroit precinct station was active from 1930-2005. Its current owner, Ed Steele, has come across hundreds of documents detailing its graphic history that includes murder and suicides that happened inside and on the property, building up a lot of history inside its walls and making it a ghost hunters dream come true for activity.

A look into the holding cells at the former Detroit 6th Precinct station building.
A look into the holding cells at the former Detroit 6th Precinct station building. (Photo/Jeremy Marble/

Take a peek inside and hear the story of how the tours came to be in this video from’s recent visit to the once-vacant structure:

“It’s something that started off as a construction project to do economic stimulus after the depression to address not only the economic pressure, but it was to deal with all the crime and stuff that was happening with prohibition as well.” added Ed

Ed’s historical findings include an incident in 1943, where 500 people surrounded the building, broke in, and let all the prisoners escape. And in 1967, the building was being fired upon during the riots, with the National guard returning fire. He plans to build a cloud computing data center and offer meeting space to non-profits in the area and offer regional wi-fi to the precinct neighborhood.

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