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By Police1 Staff

One of the greatest threats to an officer’s safety is the unpredictability of any given encounter — particularly when police come face-to-face with the bizarre. We’ve gathered five videos featuring a particular brand of strangeness that capture just how far from routine a call can be. From a violent rampage at a transit station to a drug-fueled standoff in the middle of an intersection, check out our list of naked encounters and share your own below.


Naked man on PCP commandeers SUV, taunts police

A man believed to be high on PCP was arrested after he climbed on top of an SUV, taunted police, and stripped naked.


Naked man jumps into Texas woman's car, attacks her

Report described suspect's condition as 'excited delirium.'


Naked man on drugs fights police at welding shop

Video captures a brawl between a naked man and police after the suspect walked into welding shop, naked, asking for a job.

Nude man in Calif. BART station assaults several people

A man dubbed "16th Street Terror" horrified commuters as he assaulted several citizens before police arrived and arrested him.

Naked Calif. man attacks woman in intersection

Good Samartians pulled the man away from the victim and held him until police officers arrived at the scene.



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