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Trending Topics: When cops find weapons in strange places

By Police1 Staff

Cops are used to expecting the unexpected, but even the most seasoned veterans may be surprised by where these weapons turned up. For our latest installment of Trending Topics, we take a look at five times cops discovered weapons in bizarre locations. Take a look, and be sure to check out our columns on the importance of thoroughly searching suspects.

Cops: Loaded gun found in hollowed-out box resembling Bible

The container looked like a leather-bound King James Bible. But instead of the word of God, it contained a loaded Glock 17.

Nunchucks, sickles among large cache of weapons found in coffin

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer on patrol noticed the brown coffin upside down along trees.

Tenn. cops find stolen, loaded gun in suspect’s vagina

A search turned up a loaded North American Arms 22-caliber mini revolver inside the woman.

Hidden gun nearly smuggled into Okla. jail

The man had the weapon hidden in his belt buckle.

Undercover cops find guns at hot dog stand

A Northern California hot dog vendor offered undercover officers more than just mustard, ketchup and relish on the side.