Uniformed UK officer mistaken for stripper at birthday party

The officer had mistakenly entered the party while on patrol

By Police1 Staff

WILTSHIRE, England— An officer was on foot patrol Saturday when he accidentally stumbled into a 50th birthday party and was greeted by a horde of shrieking women, BBC reported.

Officer Mike Ober spotted the party in a social club. Since the venue was not normally open on weekends, he entered to investigate. 

Ober told the publication the women “went wild with excitement” because they had mistaken him for the stripper they ordered.

"But as I went in there were loud cheers and someone shouted: "Oh, are you the stripogram?" Ober said.

Ober was sent away by the women because he was too early. He passed the expected stipper on the way out.

"It's a matter of personal taste, but the uniforms aren't very flattering, so I guess [the mix-up] is flattering," he told BBC.

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