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Videos: LEOs free trapped bobcat in Wis., wrangle calves during rush hour in Texas

You never know what you will be called to do


Plano Police/Twitter

By Bill Carey

PORTAGE COUNTY, Wis. / PLANO, Texas — Officers across the country are no strangers to the odd call for assistance from time to time. Deputies in Wisconsin and officers in Texas recently responded as animal wranglers on two such calls.

The Portage County Sheriff’s Office said that its deputies responded to a 911 caller who said, “I have a bobcat in my car,” TMJ4 reported.

“My deputies are really good at solving problems but this one baffled them so we called in reinforcements with Conservation Warden Bryan Lockman,” said Sheriff Mike Lukas on Facebook. “Warden Lockman was a pro at getting the critter out and in his truck and returned it to the wild.”

Then, down South in Texas, Plano officers were dispatched to an intersection for reports of a traffic jam, but it was not due to an accident. Instead, officers found a herd of 30 calves on the road, WFAA reported. The calves had gotten loose from a nearby farm.

Plano police shared dash cam and body-worn camera video of officers corralling the herd on social media.

“We would also like to thank the community who remained calm and provided a safe passage for the livestock and our officers,” the department posted. “Please be cautious of any cow patties that may have been left at the scene.”