‘It has to stop’: Texas officer wounded after being shot while trying to arrest repeat offender

“Another case of someone who should have been in jail”; police chief angered after sixth officer shot within two weeks

By Joanna Putman

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A Texas officer was wounded after being ambushed with a shotgun Tuesday. It’s the sixth officer to be shot while trying to apprehend repeat offenders in the past two weeks, according to a NEWS4SA report.

The suspect, who was already wanted on two felony charges, was armed and dangerous. It took SWAT and patrol teams hours to get him into custody.

“This is ridiculous. It has to stop. This individual is another case of someone who should have been in jail. This is a danger to public safety having folks like this on the street and this isn’t a one off there’s plenty of other cases out there like this,” Chief William McManus told NEWS4SA.

The District Attorney seemed to respond in his office’s defense, saying that he “has to do his job, and that requires being able to prove the cases,” according to the news report.

Chief McManus responded that he would not allow the SAPD to accept responsibility for “all these cases being dismissed,” NEWS4SA reports.


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