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Minn. chief apologizes after posting thin blue line image on PD’s Facebook page

Several community members saw the post and began labeling the flag as a symbol of “extremist views”



By Ashley Silver

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — A Minnesota police chief issued an apology via his department’s social media page after coming under fire for posting an image of a thin blue line flag last week.

According to the Daily Mail, several community members saw the Facebook post and began labeling the flag as a symbol of “extremist views.” The post was initially shared on the Golden Valley Police Department’s Facebook page in celebration of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

After receiving criticism, Green wrote a follow-up post explaining that the image was intended as a token of appreciation to its officers and that its message had been misinterpreted. However, the chief acknowledged the flag had offended some and, for that reason, could be interpreted as offensive.

“For many, the thin blue line flag has always represented a way to honor the commitment we make as first responders to protect our community,” Green wrote in an online post. “It is disappointing that in recent years the flag’s positive intention has been tarnished with divisive undertones and actions. We do not want to promote these negative connotations. In the future, the Golden Valley Police Department will use images that do not bring unwarranted controversy between the police and the public.”

This isn’t the first time the thin blue line flag has come under fire this week.

In a statement similar to Green’s, LAPD Chief Michel Moore stated he would be removing the thin blue line flag from their front desks after receiving criticism. Moore’s statement also specified that although he views the flag from a different perspective than the complainant, the flag’s “display in our public lobbies can be divisive.”

“Given our lobbies should be places that people feel safe, free of political ideology and welcoming, it remains our long-standing policy that only official items be displayed,” Moore continued.

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